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Manufacturer: 4M Systems a.s. Logo_4M_ barva_50x39mm
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CZ 4M SPIRIT Flexi T-Shirt belongs to a range of personal ballistic protection with the most advanced ergonomic design for concealed wearing. The design of the t-shirt is subject to the maximal confidentiality of wearing that requires secret operations or personal protection. Careful selection of materials ensures a stable microclimate between the user's body and the t-shirt so it can be used for a very long time under any temperature conditions. The FLEXI version is equipped with side, very flexible parts. Elastic side panels allow easy and fast dress and undress. The tensioning belt can be switched either back or front as needed and "tightened" the t-shirt in the required parts to the body.

The ballistic insert is in the inner pockets and its vertical stability is ensured by a patented solution where the front and rear liners are hung on the auxiliary shoulder straps of a thin knit fabric. At the same time, ballistic material is also secured against sliding in its protective packaging.

T-shirt is made of MOIRA Diagon material. The back of this knit is made of polypropylene yarn, which is diagonally embedded and form a finely serrated structure. Due to the elasticity of the knitted fabric, the serrations are spaced apart by contact with the body and the resulting channels promote air circulation, with good capillary moisture removal. The face is made of a special polyamide microfibre, which in conjunction with elastomer creates a compact elastic surface, resistant to mechanical influences with good windstoper effect.

For a better feeling of comfort and dryness, we recommend using Ultralight MOIRA functional underwear as the bottom layer - Ultralight T-shirt is included in the set.

- T-shirt design is subject to maximum discretion in wearing

- Stable microclimate between the user's body and the T-shirt

- tested under variable temperature conditions

- Flexible side panels allow easy and fast dressing and tuxedos

- Equipped with side, highly flexible parts

- The ballistic insert is stored in its inner pockets and its vertical stability is ensured by a patented solution

- Rubber side of knitted fabric is made of polypropylene yarn, which is pleasant directly on the bare body

- Air circulation ensures ducts inside the knit

- The outside is resistant to mechanical influences

- Very good windstop effect



MOIRA Diagon

Material composition: 69% polyamide, 26% polypropylene, 5% elastane, inner tank top: 100% polyester. Moira Ultralight T-shirt: 100% Moira polypropylene


Size S - 0.244g

Size M - 0.266g

Size L - 0.291g

Size XL - 0.310g

Size XXL - 0.342g

Area of ballistic protection:

Size S - 0.24 m2

Size L - 0.32 m2

Size XXL - 0.41 m2


black, white, FDE



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Don't forget to buy

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