Ballistic vest CZ 4M SPIDER 2.0 Reflex

 "Product available to order only for armed forces and government organizations, not for retail sale, more info and orders on request."

CZ 4M SPIDER 2.0 is a unique variant of tactical vest, which allows insertion of ballistic inserts and absolutely unique ballistic panels in resistance level III or IV. SPIDER can be used as a conventional tactical vest with equipment mounted using a MOLLE binding. If necessary, the vest can be easily and quickly equipped with a ballistic insert and panels while opening the front zipper. The popularity of this fastening solution is still very high and in this case does not limit the protective properties of the vest. The vest is constructed of breathable material based on strength mesh. This ensures the possibility of use in hot climates. The vest allows height and circumferential adjustment. At the rear is equipped with a pull tab, which can be used for emergency transport of a person from a dangerous place.

CZ 4M SPIDER can be used as a tactical vest for everyday use, or, if security situation gets worse, add the ballistic inserts, ensuring this way the protection against bullets and knives. It is a perfect solution for units operating in different situations and who must respond to the changing conditions of service.

Weight 850 g
Area of ballistic protection 0.3 m2

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