CZ 4M Men's boxers MOIRA Comfort

Boxers from the model line of functional lingerie CZ 4M bring a new solution that non-violently stabilizes the position of this part of the body while maintaining the thermal balance. Unique shape of the pouch is made only knitting without seams. The boxers are soft elastic, they perfectly replicate the body and perfectly drain moisture. They are designed for day-to-day wear and work well together with the CZ 4M OMEGA / RECON or DUTY combat trousers. A range of functional wear CZ 4M is designed for all-year-long wearing. The thermal comfort is provided by the specially developed MOIRA DEFENDER COMPACT material and a special linen design. In exposed areas, panels are fused to help with faster evaporation of the damp. Inserted elastomer allows to control the force of the clamp in the required parts from free adhesion to local compression. Used Moira microfiber on reverse and cheeks guarantees thermal stability.

Net weight 150 g / m2
Material MOIRA® DEFENDER Compact, 97 % polypropylen Moira, 3% elastan

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