CZ 4M Winter underwear set Level II - Turtleneck

Turtleneck Level II is part of the functional set of CZ 4M in extreme conditions. Thermal comfort ensures the MOIRA Trio's warmest material. Closest to the skin of the TI 920 polypropylene filament, the next layer is made of a Moira TG 900 drainage yarn binding liner. The last, thinner layer can capture and evaporate any amount of moisture.

Different fiber properties and their varying percentages in the overall knit fabric architecture ensure perfect skin thermal insulation during fast moisture transport. TRIO keeps heat even at lower physical performance while maintaining good breathability.

Level I underwear and Level II winter linen will significantly increase the thermal insulation even at an outside temperature of -40 degrees. The rider is equipped with a sleeve pocket and a velcro zipper for the placement of a name tag and a rank label.

Editing UNISEX
Surface weight 260 g /m²
Material MOIRA® Trio, 100% polypropylen Moira

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