Ballistic helmet 4M Spec Ops BRAVO

The 4M DELTA helmet is made from a polyethylene composite, providing ultra-lightweight protection (weight of shell only 750 gm) from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles, as well as other low-energy threats. The helmet is designed for members of special units. The lowest shell profile (high cut) guarantees the widest viewing angle. Its ultra-low profile is fully compatible with a wide range of communication devices, hearing protection, and tactical goggles. It allows easy mounting of night vision goggles (NVG) and is compatible with a wide range of gas masks. The helmet is made of para-aramid material, ensuring low weight and durability. The helmet provides protection from small arms fire and fragments from grenades and explosive devices.

The weight of the shell for medium size is only 750 grams.

This model is equipped with:

  • Picatinny® rails for mounting lamps, beacons, and visor holders
  • NVG mount for night vision goggles, compatible with all NVG types used within NATO
  • 4-point adjustable harness with dial BOA system for the strongest and most comfortable fixation of the helmet on the operator's head, ensuring the NVG is always in place. BOA provides excellent helmet stability and a single-pull emergency helmet release. A lifetime warranty on the BOA harness is a matter of course
  • Inner crown mesh for great ventilation and comfort






    Head circumference

   53–57 cm

   56–60 cm

   59–64 cm


Ballistic resistance NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA
Fragmentation Protection 17gr FSPs with a V50 of 735 m/s when tested according to the STANAG 2920/MIL-STD-662F
Sizes Small, Medium, Large
Weight of shell Size Medium 750 gm
Size Large 800 gm
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