MIHRIL (Multi Impact Hybrid Layers)
protection against street threats

In 2019, the company 4M SYSTEMS a.s. together with the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague received financial support within the framework of the grant programs of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) for the development and improvement of the current design of the protective ballistic insert, which is primarily intended to protect the user from firearms and stabbing weapons.

The project is called MIHRIL - Multi Impact Hybrid Layers - protection against street threats and within TAČR it falls under the category of TREND - Results with Potential for Competitiveness - New Products, Production Processes and Services - program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

One of the objectives is to measure and determine the values of the biomechanical forces that act on a person and his body parts at the moment of attack, especially during a cold weapon attack. These values will be used to correctly determine the technical parameters of the protective pad. The results of the project will be consulted with the Office for Technical Standardization, Metrology and State Testing.

The project involved instructors from most of the armed forces of the Czech Republic, i.e. the police, army, prison service and the Prague Municipal Police. The project included an analysis of documented assaults on the territory of the Czech Republic. The Prison Service of the Czech Republic provided information on amateur-made weapons to the prisoners it detained during regular searches.

The result of the project should be a quality protective insert that will reliably protect the user from threats to his/her operation, while ensuring comfort throughout the wearing period and will also be competitive on world markets.

The project is designed to last for 3 years.

Project number: FW01010463
Program Title: TREND

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