The HD BARRACUDA Hardshell jacket is designed for use in all weather and temperature conditions. The design and construction of the jacket ensures full compatibility with the ballistic vest, backpack and other accessories.

  • Hardshell tactical jacket with high abrasion resistance for use on heavy duty service

  • NANOMEMBRANE® - waterproof, high breathable material, with unique nano fibre membrane

  • Full compatibility with tactical and ballistic vests

  • Water resistant zippers

  • Anatomical sleeve design

  • Armpit vents for better ventilation

  • 4 front outer pockets with side entry to prevent secondary fragments under ballistic vest

  • 2 inner pockets

  • 2 arm pockets with side entry

  • Zippers grips for easy control with gloves

  • MOLLE / VELCRO field on chest for attaching PTT, badge, etc

  • Unique foldable hood with 2D positioning

Material Triple layer laminates, 100 % polyester / PU hydropilic membrane
Weight 197 g/m2 +/- 5 %
Vapour Permeability RET RET 6 Pa.m2.W-1 (RET ISO 11092) (25˚C)
Hydrostatic resistance 18 000 mm EN ISO 811
Breathability 0,467 mm.s-1 EN ISO 9237
Spray test 100 ISO 5 EN ISO 4920
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