4M MTB Modular tactical belt 2.0

The Modular Tactical Belt is designed to complement the personal equipment and to carry personal gear and weapons. It also serves as an additional protection of the lower body part thanks to a ballistic insert.

The belt is composed of several parts with different functions. These parts and functions can combine according to user's needs.

Parts of the belt:

Inner belt:

  • consists of a strap of 40 mm width with Velcro. Fixed to shooting belt by the connecting segments, the shooting belt stays on the desired position during all movements. The inner belt is passed through the trouser loops. The inner belt doesn´t get caught on the clothes and can be used as a conventional belt as well.

Connecting segments:

  • The connecting segments are pieces of the strap of 40 mm width and 10 to 20 cm length with velcro fastener - hook part sewn on both sides. Segments can be easily removed to prevent them getting caught on the clothes.

Shooting belt

  • Shooting belt is reinforced with PE foam and covered with with MOLLE carrying system. There is a velcro patch on the inner side the belt - loop part, for connecting it with the inner belt.

Rescue belt

  • The rescue belt is made of 40 mm strap with adjustable heavy duty buckle and heavy duty dragging loop. It goes through the shooting belt and ensure that i tis fixed on the user´s body. It can be variably drawn through loops of MOLLE and used to carry for example the thigh holster pistols and the like.

Ballistic belt

  • Ballistic belt is 2cm  wider than the shooting belt and can be fixed the inner side of the shooting belt. It can be used with a ballistic insert. If necessary, it is inserted between the inner belt and shooting belt and be fixed with the velcro.

Carrying straps

  • Carrying straps are attached to the loops of the shooting belt and carry the weight of the whole Modular Tactical belt on the user´s shoulders.


The inner belt is ment to be used as a standard belt worn in the trouser loops. Connecting segments are fastened to the inner belt, usually at the back part of the belt and on the sides. This creates a platform on which the shooting belt or shooting belt with ballistic belt are fixed. Shooting belt is fastened with a rescue belt, which is threaded through the fields at the shooting belt. The carrying straps are fixed to the belt using loops on the front and back, and they keep the belt in the desired position on the user´s body. By combining all the parts we obtain a protective belt that offers a ballistic a fragmentation protection. Also, various pouches and other gear can be attached. The rescue belt can serve for an emergency rappel, not rescue! thanks to dragging eye. Inner belt keeps the whole system at one position and prevents it from moving around the user´s waist. Carrying straps carry the weight of the whole system and prevent it from moving on the user´s body.

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