4M OMEGA Tactical blouse

The tactical blouse 4M OMEGA is designed for all kinds of military or security special operations. It is made of material that resists mechanical damage and high breathability. Perfect freedom of movement allows for special anatomical design of the sleeves and backs without the need for elastic fabric belts, as is the case with competing products. Sleeves allow insertion of all available types of elbow protectors. Under the arms are openable ventilation passages.

Sleeve pockets are equipped with inputs from the top and side. The front chest pockets are also available when using a ballistic vest. At the same time, the zipper riders are located outside the space under the ballistic vest to avoid secondary injuries when the vest is hit in the zipper.
On both sides, the blouse is equipped with a detachable gaps to facilitate access to the service pistol on the belt. On the back is possible to use the lower hood to hold the raincoat, etc.

4M OMEGA Tactical blouse
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL + Prolonged Sizes
Material Composition 50 % Cotton, 50 % Polyester (MultiCam® Original - 50% Cotton, 50 % Nylon)

The material is created by blending polyester fibers (PES) with a ripstop grid and premium cotton yarn, delivering a soft and comfortable feel suitable for various conditions. It boasts excellent breathability and strength, making it ideal for warm weather conditions, among others. Additionally, the material undergoes a special treatment that binds to the fabric's fibers, ensuring long-term effectiveness against water, oils, and more.
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