4M Sniper Bag Long

4M Sniper Bag Long sniper bag is designed for transport and tactical deployment with a rifle of overall length up to 1250 mm. The design of the backpack is customized for use in all conditions.

4M Sniper Bag allows:

  • safe storage of weapons of all types, marks and caliber while maintaining maximum length
  • transport even under difficult conditions due to sandwich construction of walls with soft and solid material
  • carrying in hand
  • carrying with a shoulder strap
  • use as a backpack with fully adjustable back support system and hip belt
  • using the strength of the eye to pull the firing position
  • storage of all accessory parts (NVG, thermal imaging, cleaning, etc.) into internal or external pockets
  • variable layout of the interior using MOLLE binding
  • variable placement of 3 pockets outside of the backpack using MOLLE binding
  • the use of a folding shoe pad from the adhesive material

    Sniper Bag Long can be used for preparation and for operational deployment. It is not only a special material for the shooter, but also because of the interior dimension and personal equipment and equipment.

    A full-fledged support system allows pedestrians to move and use Sniper Bag as a shooter's backpack.

    The inner folding shoe polish can be easily removed to create a comfortable shooter with moisture protection over its entire length (230 cm) and cool in the upper half of the pad. The boot has a bipod grip and a MOLLE area to accommodate additional shooter equipment.

    The outer pockets are removable using MOLLE binding. The central pocket can be used as a small tactical pocket for small shooter accessories, etc. with a shoulder strap.

    The support lugs, together with the handles at both ends of the backpack, are dimensioned for the assumed load.
Length 1250 mm
Weight 2 kg
Material Cordura 500, Nylon F-TEX
Material composition 100% polyester or 100% polyamide
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