CZ 4M Tactical jeans

CZ 4M Tactical Jeans combine the comfort of a pair of denim trousers with a tactical design. It meets all the requirements for everyday wear and does not disappoint in any tactical operation.


  •     Everyday use for work and leisure
  •     tactical operations in low profile mode
  •     use in training and training operations



In order to ensure maximum freedom of movement and comfortable wearing, use standard cotton / polyester material together with SPANDEX® elastic material. Thanks to this, the material is slightly elastic and allows any movement while providing high comfort and comfortable contact with the user's body.

Material composition: 75% cotton, 24% polyester, 1% elastane.


The design of the trousers has been tailored to the expected use, ie it ensures maximum freedom of movement.

  •     anatomically shaped trousers
  •     elevated waist
  •     reinforced belt loops
  •     small harness for carabine for small equipment
  •     reinforced waist edge regions for knife placement
  •     thigh pocket with side entry
  •     thigh pocket with upper inlet
  •     back pockets on gun guns
  •     rear pockets on the assault rifle cartridge
  •     knee pockets on the protectors

The CZ 4M Tactical Jeans are made of the finest SPANDEX® fiber material. All seams and joints are reinforced for expected service and operational use. Despite the "civil design" they are designed and manufactured with the emphasis on maximum durability and functionality in high-risk situations.

CZ 4M Tactical jeans
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