4M WINTER UBACS is a unique component of tactical clothing. It is designed for use mainly with ballistic vests in temperature conditions from - 10 to + 10ºC. It combines the benefits of different material composition on body parts under Moira Stretch vest and NANOMEBRANE LS waterproof layer on sleeves and shoulders.

WINTER UBACS is ideal for temperature-shifting service such as fast-track police patrols, hitters, etc. It is suitable for intervention teams, thanks to its ability to maintain thermal comfort without the risk of overheating even in high physical strain. With a suitable combination of Layer 1 through Level 2 base layer, WINTER UBACS is able to provide adequate thermal insulation over a wide range of temperatures in autumn and winter months.

The MOIRA Stretch material is unique in its own properties and composition. It offers an extremely high moisture removal capability from the body towards the outer layers. At the same time, it excels in its excellent thermal insulation capability. Therefore, it keeps in the user's comfort under all conditions.

The NANOMEMBRANE LS is a light fabric with membrane resistant to a 10,000 mm water column with a high permeability of 2.5 Pa.m2 W1.

Material composition: 58% polyester, 38% polyamide, 4% elastane, sleeves: 100% polyester

WINTER UBACS retains the design benefits of the OMEGA series.

  •     anatomically shaped sleeves
  •     extended rear
  •     sleeve pockets with upper and side entry
  •     collar with front zip
  •     small sleeve pockets
  •     pulling the ends of the sleeves with closing

WINTER UBACS was created at the instigation of special units from several EU countries. The basic requirement was to solve the thermal discomfort arising when wearing standard clothing in cold conditions, together with ballistic protection. This requirement has been solved thanks to a specially designed design and a combination of unique materials.

The body part of the MOIRA Stretch provides sufficient thermal insulation and also the removal of water vapor from the body of the user under the ballistic vest. The upper parts such as shoulders and sleeves with added material NANOMEMBRANE LS protect against rain and increase thermal insulation. WINTER UBACS thus selectively acts on the body parts of the user against cold and water while preserving full compatibility with the ballistic vest without reducing the comfort of wearing.

WINTER UBACS went through intensive testing during the autumn and winter months in 2018, and the knowledge gained during testing and the final design make WINTER UBACS a unique and ideal solution for a wide range of professional users - members of the armed and security forces.

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