Patrol backpack 4M EXPEDITION 60

The 4M EXPEDITION 60 (85) backpack is designed for the toughest use. The design, the materials used and the manufacturing process greatly reduce the risk of any failure of the entire support system, which could lead to far-reaching complications and damage during operations.
Access to the backpack is possible through the classic upper entry or on the front side of the backpack after opening the upper or lower lid. These inputs allow better organization of the carried equipment and easy access to the material in the backpack.
The backpack is equipped with a height adjustment system of shoulder straps and waist belt (4 + 4) allows large size configuration according to the height of the user's figure.

  • It can be supplemented with external pockets to increase its usable volume up to 85l.
  • Shoulder straps can be replaced with BACS - Body Armor Compatible System - a special extended version of straps and lumbar support designed for use with a ballistic vest.
  • The quick ejection system allows the carrying bag with shoulder straps to be thrown away in an emergency. However, the lumbar belt remains attached to the user even after the discard system has been activated, which will not lose the equipment and equipment fastened to the belt.
  • Extreme durability and high load capacity for versatile use.
Content 60-85 litres (with external pockets and pouches)
Weight 3.2 kg
Material Cordura 500, Nylon F-TEX 800
Material composition 100 % polyester or 100 % polyamide

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