CZ 4M OMEGA tactical pants are designed for wide range of military and security special operations. FR version exclusively for LE


The special anatomic design of the pants enables complete freedom of movement without the use of flexible parts, as is the case with competing products. For this purpose, the pants consist of several dozen pieces of textile parts.

- Front flap fastening with low-profile Velcro.
- The inner side of the belt is lined with soft fleece for higher comfort, especially during long-term wear.
- Belt loops reinforced with a 25 mm strap.
- The design of the seat part allows maximum freedom of movement and damage resistance.
- Ventilation holes in the crotch and drain holes in the thigh pockets.
- The bottom part of the legs can be tightened by means of an elasticated cord with a fastener.
- The inner bottom parts of the legs are protected by inserted F-TEX® parts with a nano-carbon coating, which is extremely mechanically durable and quiet.
- The pants are fitted with two knee pockets for all types of knee protectors including Crye Precision® AirFlex™ Field Knee Pads for special outer pockets. This solution is patented by Crye and the CZ 4M OMEGA pants are licensed for its use. The pockets for knee protectors are height-adjustable using elasticated cords and fasteners in the upper trouser pockets.
The circumference of the knee section can be adjusted on the back of both legs.

Pocket system 
- Thigh cargo pockets openable from above with a covered zipper and side opening with a zipper for sitting, e.g. in a vehicle.
- The thigh pockets are fitted with removable platforms for assault rifle, PDW or pistol magazines and inner pockets for organizing stored material.
- Zippers and textile covers are fitted with straps for use with gloves.
- Pockets are positioned to enable access when sitting, e.g. in a vehicle.
- Rear pockets with a zipper for flat objects, maps, etc.
- Integrated rear pockets for a pocket knife, morphine applicator, etc.


Material meets Index 3 ISO 14116 

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