4M RECON LS reconnaissance trousers

Pants for reconnaissance and combat operations 4M RECON LS (Light Season) is based on the requirements of the reconnaissance units of the Army of the Czech Republic. They are made of high-strength polyester fiber (PES) material with a ripstop grid and the best cotton yarn that is soft and comfortable for most of the conditions under which they are intended to be used. The basic material is distinguished by its high breathability and strength. LS pants are designed for use in warm weather conditions, etc. The material is equipped with a special TEFLON® finish, which is bonded to textile fibers. This ensures long-lasting efficiency against water, oils,

Perfect freedom of movement allows for special anatomical design of the trousers without the need for elastic fabric belts, as with competing products. For this purpose, trousers are made up of several dozen pieces of textile parts. The pants have knee pockets to accommodate all available knee protector types including D3O®.

The pants have a pocket system:

  • thigh bellows pockets are openable from the top with a zipper with a textile cover and a side entry with a zipper for sitting, for example in a vehicle
  • thigh pockets can be equipped with accessories - removable cartridge holders for assault rifle, PDW or pistol and inner pockets for organizing stored material
  • zippers and textile hoods are equipped with straps for use with gloves
  • front upper pockets with integrated knee protector adjustment - (limited edition CZ)

The bottom of the legs is retracted by means of a flexible cable with a fuse. The entire system is placed under a textile cover with a zip.

The belt loops are reinforced with a 25 mm strap.

Front fastening to the flap with velcro fastener and longer zipper.

The inside of the waist is fitted with a fleece lining to enhance comfort, especially for long-term wear.

The seat design allows maximum freedom of movement and resists damage.

Ventilation holes in the crotch + holes in thigh pockets for drainage.

Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL + Extended sizes
Material BOND + Teflon®
Material composition 50 % cotton, 50 % polyester

Light Season (LS) material is made by combining polyester fibers (PES) with a ripstop grid and the best cotton yarn, which is soft and comfortable for most conditions under which they are expected to be used. LS material excels in high breathability and at the same time strength and is therefore suitable for use in warm weather conditions, etc. The material is provided with a special treatment TEFLON®, which is attached to the fibers of the fabric, ensuring long-term effectiveness against water, oils, etc.
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